Avital Pilpel
Haifa, Israel
How to Contact Me
Email & Other Methods

Unless otherwise indicated, e-mail to the address above is the default method I prefer.

If you are a student of mine who wishes to urgently contact me regarding your grades, work, etc., call (or SMS) my cell phone number. It is usually on the syllabi of the courses I teach.

If you have access to my "academic" e-mails (@ Columbia, the IDC, BIU, or elsewhere), you can use it -- the mail will automatically be forwarded to the e-mail address above.

I welcome comments / questions / information / criticism about my hobby, Chess in Mandatory Palestine and Israel. If you would like to send me any printed material (score sheets, etc.) please
send it to my mailing address. It, like my land phone number, is found in the telephone directory of my home town.

Please only send
photocopies -- I cannot be held responsible for anything lost or damaged in the mail. Better yet, scan / digitally photograph the material and send it electronically. 
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